Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Our park

When we were living up the road at in our apartment we would often frequent Western Park - so much so that Kien used to call it Our park. "What would you like to do, Kien?", I'd ask him. "Lets go to our park.", he'd say. He doesn't call it that anymore. It's now the park near our old house. He wanted to go there yesterday. It was a choice between the beach or the park, and he wanted to go to that park.

I found it ironic (and even iMessaged my friends in LA) that we are at a park/playground with 7 slides, a giant monkey bar, tunnels, seesaws, swings...and he climbs trees!

We did eventually chase each other around the playground, and then he wanted to go and explore the forest.

We found a makeshift swing in the trees, and of course he had to go on it. I made sure he kept his helmet on for this.

We were there for ages in the afternoon, and then it was home for a BBQ and a spa when Jef came back from work. How much do I love summer!?! About as much as I love having an extra couple of days off work!


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