Thursday, December 28, 2017

A merry little christmas

It was a typical quiet little christmas. Kien left a beer out (non alcoholic) for Santa on christmas eve and went to bed chattering about what he might get delivered. Once again I reminded him Santa chooses what will be delivered from the list (the list that starts the day after xmas every year) and that he is lucky to get anything at all. He went to sleep talking about all the different types of beyblades in the world...

"Good morning, Mummy! Today is christmas. Do you think Santa came? Can I go downstairs to see?" "Hold up, little guy. Let us wake up first!"

After getting dressed we went downstairs to see what Santa had delivered.

We made him wait until both Jef and I had a coffee, and then he could open his presents.

A couple of beyblades(Twisted Tempo and Big Bang Pegasus to be exact!), solar energy powered spider robot, a fidget spinner and a string launcher were all on his list. The rest were educational stuff, like a crystal growing kit, a dinosaur clay excavation kit, solar energy build kit, a volcano that transforms into some woodland animal thing, and some excellent beakers. Thanks, eBay Santa!

We then headed over to my dads where he got to open more presents. Clothes and beyblades, yay, everyone's a winner.

After a light lunch we headed off to Rod and Gun's place. This lucky little boy got to open another set of presents! He got some awesome educational gifts such as a mechanical insectoid build kit, a moon torch, and mechanical insect. He also got slime and lots of yummy treats to eat. Thanks, Rod, Grandma Gun, Karen and aunty Sandra Santa.

Aunty Sandra also brought smoke bombs!

Jef has been on call over these holidays so we cannot venture far. We intended on going up to Mangawhai on boxing day but it rained. so we are just hanging around Auckland and will shoot up there this weekend (as Jef is also working the non stat days). I don't mind, I'm getting lots of stuff done around the house.


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