Tuesday, December 12, 2017


I went to watch Kien at athletics day at his school a couple of weeks back. I wanted to cheer him on, knowing that my son isn't really into physical activities. But he certainly surprised me! I saw his competitive streak come out. He had such a good time.

He had an initial try of the high jump, but he couldn't get the hang of which leg to throw over first. So he didn't want to do it and basically quit. I had a conversation with him about not giving up and to keep trying, but nope, he wasn't having a bar of it. So I bribed him - give it your best shot, don't worry about what anyone thinks or says, and I'll give you a point. So he did, and the more he jumped the better he was. Here's a video of his last jump.

Here's a link to the video on youtube in the event you can't see it through whichever method you have received this post.

So guess what? He got 3rd place for that jump. Oh don't worry, I've given him lots of talks about how important trying is and that it can pay off. I was also surprised to find another certificate in his bag for coming 2nd for shotput. I must have missed that one.

Then last Saturday he got player of the day at his cricket game for the best bating and straight bowling.

I'm really proud of him, not because of these achievements per se but I see his confidence growing, and he is blossoming and really coming into his own. I love watching him grow.


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