Monday, December 18, 2017

School field trip to Point Erin pools

It just happened to coincide with my day off so I volunteered go with Kien's class to the pools last Tuesday. Took the bus, had a briefing, and then 4 1/2 hours trying to kill time without killing any kids.

You know what the temperature is like in an unheated outdoor pool in Auckland when its cloudy? And what's worse, they have a giant spa pool for people to sit in to get warm, but it was out of bounds for the children! The kids were in the pool for maybe an hour and they came out blue - ok, not quite blue but definitely teeth chattering and shaking all over.

One hour down, 3 1/2 hours to go - in this caged off area.

The sun did come out later on in the day, and the kids did get back into their wet togs and went back in the water. They mucked around and played with frizbees, flying them over the fences and asking dog walkers and runners to throw them back over. I normally run this route when I'm working from the Hub, so I am all too familiar with this.

Somehow we were all able to entertain ourselves, and then we lined all the children back up again to get on the bus back to school.


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