Monday, May 6, 2019

A few hours in Nagasaki

On day 4 of our cruise we stopped in Nagasaki.

We caught a bus to the Peace Park.

After briefly wandering through the museum we then walked down to the river where we found a tiny little snake.

We stopped at a local convenience store and got a Magnum for Kien, a one cup sake for me, and a can of beer for Jef. Then we found a lovely little spot beside the river for a rest.

We decided to get the bus and head back closer to where our ship was docked so that we didn't have to rush and get the last bus out at 4:30pm. We were then able to freely walk around city. We wandered around Glover Gardens area, a beautiful colonial slope full of old mansions and villas.

We walked through Chinatown - it wasn't intentional.

We went back to the ship before the sun went down and took pictures from our balcony and enjoyed the beautiful view.


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