Sunday, May 26, 2019


We were in Shanghai for a couple of days before we caught the cruise. We stayed in a hotel that was away from the touristy Bund area, but close enough that we could walk there, but also have interesting stuff to see around us.

We dined at some awesome local places where we had no idea what we was on the menu and no one spoke a spec of english. We would point at other diner's food that we liked the look of and hoped for the best.

We were walking around and saw a couple of guys wrangling snakes from a rice sack into cages that were already full of snakes. Some of those snakes seemed pretty angry too.

On the afternoon of our first day we walked to The Bund area. Any postcard of Shanghai will show this city scape.

No sooner had we arrived and it was time for us to set off again.

We enjoyed this city very much, and when we get a chance we'll come back here for a visit.


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