Saturday, May 25, 2019

When cruising

This last ship that we were on had a lot of interesting features and things to keep everyone entertained. One of our favourite places served up these:

Made by these:

The robots did an awesome job, but pity whoever loaded up the mixers used pineapple juice instead of orange juice, and diet coke instead of regular.

Usually when we are cruising we tend to rock up to the buffet whenever its open at whatever time to have whatever meal. But since this ship was so busy at the set dining times there were always long queues. So we ended up going to the restaurants instead. We were very lucky to get great tables with windows - I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Jef and Kien's colouring and the shape of their eyes - I'm not kidding.

We had a lovely waiter one evening who showed Kien how to balance cutlery on a toothpick.

The cruise director and team print out a daily activities schedule to leave in everyone's stateroom every day. We try to attend activities that look like fun and we would all enjoy. We did some origami for one activity.

Kien entered a Jenga competition and was crowned the Jenga King - he was the only kid left in the competition and ran out of time, so there were (I think) 4 winners.

We enjoyed spending time in this place aft of ship. They held lots of activities and shows here. There's a cafe adjoining where we'd get breakfast and lunch.

Kien would hang out in one of the egg seats and play with his Pokemon cards or iPod.

Sometimes he'd pose for pictures with random aunties. Actually, this happened quite a lot. The Asians love Kien. They'd whisper and point and smile at him, and a lot of times they'd take pictures of him, and with him.

They'd invite him to join in on their games when he's hovering around watching.

One thing I signed Kien up for was to have a go at the trapeze. This little guy is scared of heights, but he agreed to do it. They strapped him and he climbed up there.

He froze up when he got to the top and couldn't go through with it, but we told him how proud we were of him for even attempting to do it even though he was afraid. That's ultimately what its about - pushing through and trying instead of not giving it a go at all.


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