Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry xmas, happy birthday, and happy new year!

Wow, it's been a pretty eventful week indeed. I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with so much going on (although I didn't actually think I was until I pondered on it a little), and have been a bit lethargic and grumpy. Oh Kien, when will you ever actually sleep through the night to give your parents a break?!?

I made some scones with strawberry jam and cream in the morning, and took them to Dad's for a christmas bbq lunch. Co Le, Chu Lu and Ti was there, as well as Mimi, Vincent and Vivian. We ate yummy eye fillet steak, grilled prawns, and lamb cutlets. I made sure not to overeat so that I didn't feel rotten - I'm glad I listened to myself.

We tried putting Kien down for a nap in the stroller in the afternoon but he was just too perky and awake. We decided to head over to Mum and Rod's, and hoped he would fall asleep on the way - which he did. So we went for a little drive to the Drury off-ramp so he would get at least half an hour to sleep. He woke up after half an hour anyway, typical!

Xmas afternoon was fun at Mum and Rod's. Kien enjoyed grabbing at Sasha while she barked at him insistently. That dog can sure yap! She is cute though.

On Wednesday we had Kien's birthday at Western Park. I was so grateful for Mum, Rod and Chris showing up early and helping out with the setup. Everything was laid back and easy going until 1pm when we had to get everything down to the park in an hour. I went out to Dad's at 11am after putting Kien down for a nap. Dad had made some spring rolls and chicken wings, Co Le had made some Vietnamese jelly, and I also had to get the folding table. So I did the trip in under an hour, and still managed to have a quick bite to eat at the shop.
We had a good turnout of friends and family with lots of presents for Kien. He really is such a lucky little boy. Linda made him this lovely birthday cake. All the children gathered around to help Kien blow out the candle after we sang to him.

On new years day we drove up to Dargaville to the farm to have lunch with some of the Cole clan. Jef has lots of fond memories of his childhood spent on that farm (although the old farmhouse has now been sold). Kien got to pat some chickens, cats, and a dog that he tried climbing on. He likes animals, especially dogs. We stopped by the beach on our way home. We definitely need to do more trips away from home now that Kien is older and more aware of his surroundings.

Wow, we made it a year already - it has been hard but so worth the effort. We love our little boy so much! Can't wait to take him out on the yacht. I can't wait to actually get on the yacht for the first time. I paddled out there on the kayak on 30th Dec and had a look up close. I didn't get on it though - I wanted to but the sea was rough and the wind was blowing quite heavily. Something else to look forward to, yay!


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