Monday, January 17, 2011

Standing, bathing, and stepping

On Friday 7th evening Jef was outside on the lawn with Kien at Amy's place. He stood up independently from squat, and as standing for a few seconds. Then on Sunday 9th January Kien took his first step without hanging on to anything. He did this first on the couch, then from holding onto the chair transitioning to the walker. Since then he has continued to build his confidence, and he has often stood and let go of what he was holding on to for support. He has done this a lot in the bath - which is quite scary because it is slippery in there!

Speaking of baths Kien went through a stage of about a week around Xmas/NY period where he did not want to get into the bath and would screech and cling on to me tightly at the sight of the bath. It was so sad to see him petrified of the bath because he loved it so much and would spend so much time in there. I had to slowly coax him back into the bath by getting in with him and having him sit on my knees playing with his toys until he dropped them and wanted to get down to pick them up. Once he was in the water everything is back to normal again...go figure :-) So now we no longer bath him in the little plastic baby bath because of this episode.

We went to the beach on Saturday afternoon - the sunshine was glorious.

And on 13th January I stopped filling out my spreadsheet. That is a milestone!

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kheperi said...

each time I watch the video the more I love it :)


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