Friday, January 7, 2011

Mr Independent

What a difference - in such a short space of time it feels like Kien's development has been exponential. He has become really good at holding his milk bottle, and even in the middle of the night I can feel his hands and little fingers grasping the bottle. It really does make giving milk that much easier! When we go in the buggy and he is hungry I just have to recline the seat and give him his bottle. He still is able to enjoy the view and gets his milk, and he tends to drink much better when he is distracted too!

Yesterday we went to Okahu Bay playground and Kien went down a slide all by himself, for the first time ever. Usually we have to help him so he doesn't hit the back of his head, and lately I've just been holding his hands so he can remain steady upright while he slides down. So it is great that he can now do it all on his own, and as you can see he also likes to climb up the slide too.

He has been getting on and off the couch for the last month or so now after I taught him how to get off the coffee table feet first. He now thinks he can get off anything just by pushing himself backwards and dangling his feet expecting to touch the ground. I'm glad he has good sense not to just push himself off things hoping to be close to the ground - although he is now so confident on the couches he tries going off the arms, which are a lot higher off the ground more painful when he falls!

At the moment we are going through an easy patch with Kien - long may it last. No more teething troubles, no more vomiting (this stopped about 3 weeks back), no more having to blend his food up now that he can handle bigger chunks, and no more patting to sleep on the odd occasion. I just now plonk him into his cot and sit there surfing the internet and he generally falls asleep without too much fuss. If he can't settle I do end up leaving him to fall asleep by himself, and sometimes he will crying for about 30-60 seconds after I leave the room, but most of the time he just falls asleep.

These are definitely the good times!

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Michelle MacWhirter said...

That's fantastic, glad to see things are getting easier.


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