Thursday, April 28, 2011

Home and around

The other day Jef had looked after Kien from 5:00am (we are battling EARLY wakings at the moment). I woke up to find half eaten fruit and raisins strewn everywhere. This is the story of our up after a little person!

Jef and I have taken a couple of weeks off work, and guess what are doing? Yes, folks - we are cleaning, and organising, and mending--and did I mention cleaning and organising? We have been flat out busy! Not exactly the most riveting of holidays, but to be fair it was well overdue.

The rain has come, accompanied by the darkness of the shorter daylight hours that is Winter. The trees are slowly shedding their Autumn leaves, and when I gaze from our lounge window I contemplate how I am to entertain Kien over the upcoming months. And on Tuesday I thought "oh what the heck, we'll do what we always do", and when the rain eased off for an hour in the afternoon Kien and I went stomping.

The park is just as much fun as it always is, even though we have to contend with muddy shoes and wet trousers.

Kien can now climb the ladder up to the slide all by himself! Don't worry, I do still stand behind him and am ready to catch if he slips.

My little Tarzan.

There are lots of oak trees around our neighbourhood, and therefore lots of acorns. Kien loves acorns; specifically digging them out of the mud and putting them in his mouth.

He also loves to share his find.

He found a little patch of daisies on the lawn, and he can never resist the urge to pick them:

...and you guessed it, he eats them all up--are those yummy, Kien?

He saw his little friend in the apartment block down the road, and I basically had to hang out there until Kien was ready to move on. I kid you not, we were there for about 15 minutes or so. Kien was sitting there waving and chatting to himself.

It was extremely dramatic and cute. What's funny is that when they are at the park together they hardly even acknowledge each other's existence, except when Kien steals Sharien's apple.

So all up our stomping around was a lot of fun. Now I just have to find gumboots that fit Kien - do they make them that small?


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