Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dramatic skies

It snowed! In Auckland!!

I was in the middle of a meeting and saw people rushing to the window. I did the same and witnessed the drifting snow floating back and forth as it descended to the ground. It didn't last for very long, but it was special. Then we resumed our meeting.


We were back at playgroup on Tuesday - we hadn't been for a while as it's being closed over the school holidays and then him getting sick.

I do like the Ponsonby playgroup. The organiser always makes sure there are hot drinks and biscuits available for the adults, and quite often someone brings baked delights they happen to have whipped up and popped into the oven that morning. I've experienced some pretty amazing home baked treats since I've started attending. And morning tea for the children is always plentiful.

The children look so civilized as they sit around the table scoffing their faces. Kien likes to try everything that is on offer, even if some of the food ends up being spat out. I wait until he is finished eating and then I clean the floor.

So here is what a typical morning at playgroup looks like.

Leaving to go home was also an adventure, and he ran up and down the path and climbed the stairs multiple times.

Our afternoon walk started out as being just to Wynyard Quarter playground, making our way past Victoria Park. When we left home it was sunny, and 10 minutes later I could feel droplets of rain. Without any wet weather gear packed I anticipated a sprint to the Air New Zealand building, but not before stopping and watching a helicopter hovering for ages in one place.

After watching it for a lengthy period we left it to do it's statue impersonation while we made our way down Halsey St and dordled over to the Viaduct on the new Wynyard Crossing. We got to the other side and the siren sounded; a few minutes later the 100m long bridge lifted up to allow a watercraft passage into the Viaduct area.

We wandered around the Viaduct stopping every so often to admire the $$$ boats.

Kien still holding on tightly to his box of cranberries.

We went home via Westhaven Drive. The view of the Harbour Bridge was spectacular under the dramatic skies melding blueness with various shades of grey.

Guess what Kien spotted?

Luckily the rain that had greeted us at Victoria Park did not follow us through Herne Bay; in fact we had sunshine on our journey home. But somewhere on the other side of central Auckland there must have been rain.

Looking over the harbour you can see why Auckland is dubbed the City of Sails. Somewhere over there on the other side of the bridge is ours.

An addendum to the last post: Kien is still playing with the balloon from the mall with it's advertisement banner from "The Gold Buyers". I wonder if they noticed one of their advertisement balloons on a stick isn't wedged between glass display cabinets in the middle of the mall any longer?


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