Monday, August 1, 2011

Our busy weekend

Picture this for a moment: it is raining hard, you are soaked from head to toe, and you have a writhing toddler in the stroller screaming to be let out as you are pushing/running up a never ending hill desperately trying to cut down the distance between where you are and where you want to be. What’s more, the aforementioned toddler has decided that he hates HATES the rain-cover so will demonstrate his banshee impersonation every time you attempt to fit it on the now sopping wet mountain buggy. And the finale is when the child is yelling “cuddle, cuddle, cuddle” constantly until you give in and carry him for the remaining one and a half kilometres; bag strapped on back, 9.5kg kid straddled on hip held by one arm, other arm manoeuvring a wonky stroller that wants to go left all the time (which reminds me, Jef, we need to get that wheel sorted), and people in dry/warm cars driving past giving strange looking expressions. All this because you went for a walk and didn’t notice the looming rain clouds hovering overhead ready to open up and dump the last few days worth of atmospheric water vapour condensation on you and your unsuspecting child.

I’ll just think of it as part of my half marathon training regime, which needs a good kick to get on track – on “a track”, rather than “back on track” if you can see the difference. Am I really going to run 21km in 90 days time? Really? But I digress…

It was a good walk though despite the ending described. Kien no longer likes to stay seated for any length of time and now wants to get off the buggy and have a run-around whenever we go walking.


We were heading toward Harvest Whole foods, then the park behind the bakery, we just never made it. We spent a long time here while he played with sticks.

PhotobucketPhotobucketHe tried climbing this fence to get to the flamencos.


I decided to take Kien to the parent/child cooking class thing on Sunday morning even though my two neighbours didn’t make it. They had informed me that was held at a church, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the whole Hillsong experience. Yes, there was singing involved, and story telling about Joseph and his coat of many colours. The children (and adults) sat quietly and listened to the theatrical Storyteller as she enthusiastically used props and pictures woven into the Genesis tale. What was my son doing?


Running up the ramp, jumping off the sides, rolling around the floor, giggling and yelling rather loudly. The lady in charge was very nice about it, telling me that when he gets used to the experience he will make friends and join in with the rest of the group. I smiled and nodded as I recalled why we no longer go to Wriggle and Rhyme sessions at the library. I guess my son dances (jumps, yells, rolls) to the beat of his own rhythm. I think next time (if there is a next time) I’ll just turn up to the half hour at the end when the cooking actually takes place and the kids get to eat their creations - and each other’s germs.


It always worries me when Kien decides he is not going to have his usual midday nap and there’s nothing I can do about it. He went into his cot at midday, and I could hear him jabbering to himself for half an hour. Usually he would then drift off to sleep, but yesterday he cried instead. He wouldn’t settle, and I brought him out into the lounge to have some milk before putting him back into his cot. Another 30 minutes of chatting to himself he cried again to be let out. He was wide awake; no signs or intentions of sleeping as far as I could see so we abandoned the nap. With visitors due in the afternoon I braced myself for a grumpy and over-tired Kien.

Luckily it wasn’t to be. He had a great time running around our lounge and being his entertaining self. I overindulged in a baking session of Lemon, Lime & Coconut loaf, banana cake, scones and mini blueberry muffins.

PhotobucketI was very pleased with myself (except for the runny lemon frosting – for the record I did run out of icing sugar, but yes I also did use the juice of 2 lemons which may have been just a tad too much liquid).

It’s nice having a full house of visitors, we don’t do it often enough.


Thomas and Kien – so sweet seeing cousins kissing.

Photobucket…mmmm, with open mouths.

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Michelle MacWhirter said...

Gorgeous pictures of your gorgeous boy! Maybe it's time to ditch the stroller altogether? I must be mean because I would just strap him in and ignore the tantrums.

I had a laugh when I read 'flamencos', I think you meant flamingos.

Thomas and I had lots of fun at your place on the weekend, thanks for inviting us. Thomas really likes Kien, in the same way that he likes cats - he wants to grab him and chew on him.

Can I pretty please have access to some larger versions of the pictures from the weekend so I can have some pictures printed? Cheers!


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