Monday, August 22, 2011

Some like it hot

Brrrr, it's been crisp, but oh so beautiful. Winter just could not be any better than this in Auckland. The sun has been shining for days now and with it the excitement of Spring being just around the corner. It's almost sinful to be indoors on days like these. So we weren't.

This was where we were on Sunday morning - up Mangere mountain. The view was varied and interesting on the way up.

Kien got to try out his mountaineering skills.

From here there is a magnificent view out past the flat plains toward the airport.

I was quite amazed that so much of Auckland can be seen from up here, especially on such a clear day. In the middle of the below photo is the mouth into the Manukau harbour.

Walking further around the mountain there is the view to Auckland city.

Cows grazing lazily with a backdrop of the city.

There was also a bonus of meeting up with some bulls.

The bull Jef and Kien were patting in the photo may appear friendly, but in fact it charged and bunted them a few seconds later. No more patting wild animals.

Although Kien is an excellent climber and a fantastic walker his shoes did not see a lot of ground action. Why should he walk anywhere when he has parents!

Kien, you can do the walking thing so well!


I took Kien out for brief walk after he woke from his nap. We went through Western Park, where he insisted on staying in his stroller while he watched some children playing on the seesaw. He was completely mesmerised!

I will always walk down Anglesea Street on the way home if at all possible, because I love the view to the city from here.


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