Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our little Bear

I'm currently sitting at Salisbury reserve watching Kien playing is bliss.

He goes through phases of being this way, whilst other times he cannot do anything without us hovering close by. He also loves watching older children playing, which can keep him entertained for ages.

As it is a beautiful day there are lots of kids here, and it is lovely.

So I definitely do not take these moments to myself for granted, because it can change in an instant.


Last Tuesday afternoon we went on a picnic at Frances reserve.

When it poured down with rain in the morning I was disappointed the weather had spoilt our plans, but it wasn't to be. The sun came out! We grabbed some delicious food and coffee from the bakery on the corner, and the kids were able to enjoy the playground.

Making the most of non rainy days and being outside is really important to me, as it is an opportunity for Kien to burn off some of his exuberant energy and for me to soak up some vitamin D. As I sat on my blanket and watched Kien playing with his Grandma and Rod I was so pleased that everyone was able to make it out, and I look forward to more picnics to come.

Our little Bear

The other night Jef asked me if I knew of Paddington Bear. I did not grow up with this famous bear, and although I have heard the name I knew nothing about him. The story goes that he comes from Darkest Peru, loves marmalade sandwiches, and has an endless capacity for getting into trouble. I had a really good chuckle when Jef revealed his google image search, and compared with the pics I posted of our expedition up Mangere Mountain the resemblance is uncanny.


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