Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big Day Art

An e-mail popped into my inbox at the beginning of last week inviting me to check out the Big Day Art at the Auckland Art Gallery. It has been so long since I've been there! It was great fun. We did some flax weaving.

Kien liked the windmill we made.

Then it was a fish.

As soon as the scissors came out he was all over them, trimming and chopping.

There certainly was a good turnout.

I haven't been to the gallery since the renovation, and what I really loved was looking up and seeing the beautiful ceiling (and the moving flowers).

As it was such a beautiful day it made more sense to enjoy the outdoors. We went outside where the water feature is.

He observed the water, then tentatively poked it. The movement of the water feature created a cool rippling effect as a result.

Oh, time to roll up sleeves.

Right, time for serious fun.

So joyful. He was so happy!

I grabbed a coffee while Kien and Jef rode the escalators. That also created great joy.

It's nice to see them having fun.


Sometimes Jef lets Kien drive into the carpark.

Boys will be boys!


Anonymous said...

The last house we lived in had a huge flax bush, I miss weaving. Love the photo of Kien splashing the water, he looks so happy! I remember helping my dad drive, Pete thinks he gets to drive when he starts school, in his dreams! x

Jessica said...

Looks like a fab day! Things like that makes me miss living in a big city, there are always interesting things going on! X


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