Thursday, July 19, 2012

Social interactions

Ain't it grand when the little people learn the techniques and art of making and maintaining friendships - even if they don't even know what it means or that they are doing it. We try to teach them to "share" (I have a personal philosophy around the use of this word which, don't worry, I will not inflict on you), or rather the consequences of not taking turns and finding a tug of war match where neither child wins and lots of crying and other unpleasantness are involved. So it is heartwarming to see your child playing very nicely with other children and adults do not have to mediate *too much*.

This was the scene last Friday at our kids dinner with the Plunket coffee group (I am lacking any imagination on what other name that can identify this crowd of mothers and children.

They all sit and eat together, and then they run off to entertain themselves - scattered in different areas of the house.

Some graze for dessert, others sit and relish.

We've been gathering for a while, and now I'm the only one in the group with a singleton. The other two ladies who joined me in the only child department have recently popped their second out.


A couple of weekends ago my friend Linda and I took our kids to Muriwai beach for a walk. It was a beautiful and crisp winter day, perfect for being outside at a wild beach.

We parked at Maori Bay and walked to the Gannet colony.

Then we made our way down the walkway toward the playground. We had to walk over slippery rocks as waves crashed over - timing the manoeuvre so as not to get caught.

The kids had a good blast at and around the playground.

They were so funny - they really enjoyed running up and down the grassy bank, and even though it was slightly damp from the trapped dew they didn't care. They were happy to collect sticks, leaves and freshly plucked daisies.

Back at Maori Bay para-gliders were also enjoying the wonderful weather. Kien LOVED watching them. I'm pretty sure he would have stood there all day, and I had to promise over and over to bring him back here.


LatteJunkie said...

I love how they develop their social skills and am super interested in your sharing theory :) I love learning about different parenting styles and what works for others.

I would have joined Kien watching the paragliders. My mum has done it and loved it!

Hope your week is going great!

Michelle MacWhirter said...

Gorgeous photography Lien, really impressed with your skills.

I don't make Thomas share, I don't like sharing my stuff. He likes handing people things anyway. Sharing is over-rated!

Anonymous said...

cool post, miss my coffee group everyone is back working :( Anyway you should head over to my blog cos you won my giveaway YAHHHHHH :) p.s I LOVE your photography skills aswell the pics of the kids playing are beautiful

Anonymous said...

Inflict us :D I have a sad story about someone that got a bit nasty to Pete when he wouldn't share, avoiding that person forever. I'm surprised at how many one child families there are that live around us and the kids are school age. Beautiful pics, now I want dessert! x


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