Friday, July 6, 2012

Inside and out

It's pretty unusual for Kien and I to spend all day at home on any Tuesday. But last Tuesday's tumultuous weather was not conducive to venturing anywhere.

I was all geared up to do some baking with Kien, but alas, when I asked him if he wanted to bake muffins with me his prompt response was "no!" followed by "I want helicopters on iPad". So he entertained himself and I baked on my own.

I love warm home made muffins for morning tea on a dreary winters day.

The sun came out in the late afternoon, and I bundled him up warmly and went outside.

I love seeing raindrops dripping off Agapanthus.

And as is typically Kien...

It was nice to be out and about even though we only stayed within a 100 meter radius of home.

Kien liked playing in the "stream".

The stillness after the rain is so beautiful.



Miriam said...

What beautiful, beautiful pictures. LOVE

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

So lovely to have you join in with Things I'm Loving :-) Great pics - cool how much fun you can have within a stone's throw of home. Love the pic of the agapanthus :-)

Anonymous said...

Yum muffins, Pete is the baker in our house, all I have to do is put them in the oven and take them out :) Seeing Kien in the 'streams' reminds me of a game I use to play with my poppa with the water than ran down the road, I wish I could remember what it was called! Beautiful photos. It was so awesome getting home tonight and having dry washing on the line! I hung it out around 6 this morning hoping it would be a nice day! enjoy your weekend x

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Gorgeous photos! Sometimes the easy option is to stay inside when the cold weather hits, but you've just proved that getting outside is good for the soul!

Anonymous said...

your wee Kien is gorgeous!! we have been stuck inside with everyone sick for the last week. I love the 'after rain' world as well. Awesome post :)


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