Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lounging, Pigs, turkeys, a baby calf and a black plane

I came home Saturday night to candles glowing in tea cups and a tired Jef who had been cleaning and painting all afternoon. After the evening routine and our replicant was in bed Jef headed off to work on some server patching, leaving me with an evening to myself. I poured a glass of wine, popped in a DVD, turned out the lights and settled in to watch my favourite Woody Allen movie. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed a witty dialogue movie, with interesting/strange characters, tumultuous relationships, libidinous encounters, and hideous awkwardness in typical Woody Allen style.

It's been mighty cold, and all I've wanted to do is stay in bed, crank the oil heater up to high, and stay in bed. Did I mention stay in bed? On Saturday Kien was happy to lounge around in his pyjamas, albeit only the top part since we did a nappy change and I was only half motivated to have him fully dressed. He was happy enough just to watch videos on my laptop. His level of concentration was intense!

It was a very slow morning for me. I'm still trying to recover from this cold/flu whatever this thing I have is, so I was happy just to take it easy so long as Kien was entertained and as little effort was required from me as possible. After I finally dressed him he was happy to continue watching videos of himself while I got ready.

Then we were out the door, leaving Jef to stay at home cleaning and painting.


We went on an outing to Ambury Park on Sunday.

We told Kien he was going to see some farm animals, and he was excited about that. I wanted to see the pigs. I love pigs. I once wanted to own a pig as a pet instead of a dog. But there are rules against that sort of thing when you live in suburbia.

We saw some turkeys, and one of them stretched it's neck out and bit Jef on the leg. I kid you not, and I wish I was quick enough to snap a photo.

We saw a brand new calf with it's back still wet.

Kien fed the sheep.

We enjoyed the farm visit very much, and Kien especially liked climbing fences. Ordinarily I'd be against that sort of behaviour as I don't want the fence to be ruined, but Jef reminded me our boy only weighs 10.4kg.

My cheeky little boy says to me "Mummy, stop taking pictures" as he happily plays and looks straight at the camera.

We then drove to the airport to watch some planes take off and land. I like seeing the black Air New Zealand plane.

Even though 'tis the season where I want to stay in bed and hibernate I am happiest when I am outside - and so is my son.


Jessica said...

Yes, even if it is cold it is still refreshing and sort of strengthening (is that a word?) to be outside! And I find a kid that spent all day inside is not a lot of fun in the evening.

I was once bitten by a goose in the face! Hahaha, terrified for life! I've always found turkeys pretty scary too and that ugly sound they make..!

By the way, what movie was it?! :-)

Lien - all new adventures said...

Come to think of it turkeys really do make an ugly sound! Jessica, you were bitten by a goose?!? How horrible. Gosh birds can be pretty vicious.

The movie is titled "Husbands and Wives". It's a great watch, and be prepared to cringe :-)


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