Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hand launched propeller at the museum

We have a wooden Chinese chopstick, and on that is a plastic propeller. If you spin it in your hands and let it go the whole contraption will fly up in the air (or in your face, depending on what direction you spun it). So needless to say I don't spin that propeller for Kien often.

We went for a visit to the Auckland museum the other day, and spent a good deal of time spinning and chasing the propeller in the lovely sunshine.

I love this place! I love the big open courtyard, the canons out the front, the wide steps, the tall structural columns...I could go on and on, and that's just the exterior of the War Memorial Museum!

I have lots of wonderful memories of this place during my high school years; this was one of my top 3 favourite places to visit when I needed to escape. I know, I look back now at how innocent I was, when at that time I was thinking how naughty it was of me not to be in classes! But I was learning none the less, soaking up all the information contained in this place, and letting my imagination wander as I pretended I was living in various times - my favourite being the nineteenth century. I even assigned my friends their own houses, stores, and occupations, and we would have make believe sessions of acting the scenes out, right there on the top floor in the Auckland 1866 replica section. OMG, I am such a geek!

Another part of this splendid museum is here.

I'm sure I have photos stashed away somewhere of my "misspent" youth here. I must dig them out sometime.


Carlos said...

OH, such wonderful pictures! Your blog is by far one of my favorites. Your son is growing with something that is lacking in this world ..."A loving family that spends time together". My family is the same way, and both of our kids are growing to be good loving kids.

Keep up the good work!

Lien - all new adventures said...

Thanks, Carlos. So nice of you to say so. We definitely try hard to ensure we give our son lots of our time and take him out to show him the world.

Your kids sound awesome from what I've read of them. Well done!


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