Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hokianga Harbour via Tane Mahuta

We headed further northland on Sunday morning, taking a slight detour via Kai Iwi Lakes. We stopped at the edge of Lake Taharoa.

It was cold out there. Kien just wanted to cling to his daddy.

It was extremely windy.

It was also fabulously picturesque here.

The wind made the grass dance and sway, creating such wonderful patterns across the fields.

Back on the road, and Kien said he wasn't feeling well. Our little boy gets car sickness occasionally. Next minute we are stopping at the side of the road and cleaning him up. But look how happy he is with a fresh change of clothes!

Into the Waipoura forest half an hour later. It's beautiful as we get deeper into the forest under the canopy.

We were here to see Tane Mahuta, New Zealand's largest living kauri.

Spectacular indeed!

We then headed toward the mouth of the Hokianga Harbour. From up here we got such a splendid view of Opononi and the giant sand dunes across the harbour.

We drove down to Opononi, stopping off at the wharf.

Then onto the beach for some sand play and general fun in the sun.

It was such a fabulous afternoon in the sun.

We made our way home via Whangarei, heading from one coast of NZ to the other to visit Kien's granddad Warren and Margaret. Kien helped Margaret pluck and bag the silverbeet from their splendid garden for us to take home.

Wow, what a weekend we had. Many kilometres covered, lots of wonderful experiences.


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