Monday, November 12, 2012

Rolling farmland on coastal ridges

Roughly 40 minutes drive from our place in the city and we find ourselves walking over rolling farmland toward a trig station with spectacular views out toward the Hauraki Gulf islands.

Duder Regional Park - a couple of weekends ago - I've been wanting to come here for some time now after reading about it on the Auckland City Council website.

We went there hoping to beat the wind and rain (expecting a gentle breeze for some glider flying).

But when we got to the trig station the wind was blowing so heavily that Jef decided (after attempting to launch once) the glider was too beautiful to have a horrible death on top of this hill. Even Kien's 10.5kg frame was being blown over by the wind. Poor little dude held on to his hat for dear life.

Once we got to the bottom of the hill we stopped so Kien could have a snack, and for me to catch up on some photo taking.

It started to rain by this stage so we quickly made our way along the shingle track lined with weeds and wild flowers.

After saying a quick "hello" to the cows we headed home.


Marigolds at my front door. They make me smile.


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