Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday quickie

The rain came this morning, albeit briefly, and we thought our plans for sailing were dashed. "Lets just put on our wet weather gear and go", I said to Jef. He agreed, so I packed our gears for the afternoon and we were away sailing by 1pm - and wouldn't you know it, the rain clouds went away and the sun beamed heavily on us. Also, as it turned out, the 10-15 southwester forecasted was definitely not evident when we got out into the Waitemata Harbour. The water was glassy and calm and still. So we had to motor out to the channel hoping for wind, and there was. Yay!

I got some sailing practice in zig-zagging to McKenzie Bay at Rangitoto. Once there we anchored up, jumped into our dingy and went ashore.

We didn't stay for long - just long enough for Kien to decide he didn't need any bathing gear.

He was actually hunting for these adorable creatures. He just loves looking for them.

It's great to do a quickie sail when time is against us. It feels like we've been out all weekend, not only a few hours. Kien said he enjoyed himself.


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