Monday, March 11, 2013

Delightfully three

Well I guess at some point things were going to have to settle down and improve with the three year old in this household, and this week we saw an upturn. I think we are finally reaping the benefits of all our hard work. The kid has just been so pleasant to be around; witty, playful, thoughtful, chatty, joking, laughing, and best of all - obedient. That doesn't mean to say we haven't had down moments where we've had to threaten him with punishment, but all round he has chosen to do the right thing (what we asked him to do) instead of waiting for or choosing punishment first. Long may this deliciously delightful behaviour last!

Here he is this afternoon when we stopped briefly at the playground on our walk home from his daycare.

Oh, Son, you are one amazing little creature. I see your developing personality, and you sure have a lot of spunk. Mama loves you very much.


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