Thursday, March 21, 2013


It doesn't feel like we are going to fly out on Sunday or Monday night for a month away from here. Yes, that's right, I haven't made up my mind as yet which flight to take, so I haven't booked. If we fly on Sunday night that means we get to spend practically 2 days plus one night in Hong Kong. Yes, that's right, that also means I haven't booked a hotel in Hong Kong either. Oh, and when we get to Saigon on Tuesday afternoon we are more than likely just going to wing it with our hotel for the night - maybe, unless I have a total panic attack on Sunday and book everything. It just doesn't feel real yet, you know? Jef's been working his butt off and I've hardly seen him these last couple of weeks as he's been working some mighty odd hours. I've been kinda busy at work too, but it's been so hard to stay motivated. But I've had 2 project test plans to complete and people to train for various IT tools - bla bla bla, wah wah wah, so I've had to stay somewhat focused.

Anyway, some pleasant distractions along the way in the meantime, including a kids dinner with my Plunket coffee group friends last Friday.

The kids had a great time, as per usual. It only just occurred to me that there are so many of them! They ran around and played outside until dusk and then migrated indoors to play with toys and watch movies, and iPads.

We all had a great time. This was actually the first one where partners came along too, so it was really nice to meet everyone's significant others. It was our way of including them, because last month they were at home with the kids while we did this:

Thanks, Dads. Us girls do need a bit of time out of the house occasionally :-)


We got Kien jabbed on Monday - Hep A in one arm and Typhoid in the other. He was so brave about it, more so than I was, and I wasn't the one getting a needle in my arm(s)! He winced and said ow but didn't shed a tear. I gave him a Kinder Surprise as reward and he was happy about that. I was so grateful Jef was there at the appointment to hold Kien. I was so nervous and was basically useless.

He wanted to show you his band-aid he got for the injection site, however that wasn't where is jab was located. Oh well, "Cars" band-aids are cool was all he was trying to say.


On Tuesday it rained, and we walked to playgroup. It was also cold, much to my surprise. What is going on? It's like overnight we went from scorching summer to autumn conditions in one foul swoop. Oh, if it wasn't for us going to a tropical climate I would be in mourning for our long hot summer.

The activity was for the kids to plant seedlings to take home. But Kien refused to do it. He watched as I did it for him, and then he said he didn't want to take it home. But I knew better! I left it on the bench along with the other plants, and as we were getting ready to go home Kien reminded me that we had to take HIS plant home.


Breakfast at daycare. Wonderful!


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