Thursday, March 7, 2013

I've booked our next adventure

Yes, it all came about at the beginning of this week when my dad sprung it on me that he had already purchased tickets. So we are all heading to Vietnam at the end of this month!

Vietnam - my birth place. I remember the last time we were there way back in 2007. That just seems like a lifetime ago, just like the time before that when my family and I left that country all those many moons ago. Our trip to Vietnam in 2007 felt like a whirlwind holiday because we were rushing here, rushing there, rushing everywhere. We had met up with my brother, stepmother, and her family, so therefore our schedule fit in with theirs, which meant driving to lots of places all around the south of Vietnam to see many sites and towns. It was fun, but much of the time we just wanted to chill out and relax.

We were in Nha Trang for only a couple of days. Nha Trang was my home town, so we really wanted to hang out there for a while. We did get to go out to one of the islands, where I got to do some paragliding.

Then we sat down to succulent, freshly grilled fish.

The other highlight of that trip was going down to my stepmother's home town, Ca Mau, and there we got to hang out with the family and the locals for an entire week. It was awesome.

Jef got to eat frog.

We went to the very bottom of the country to a little tourist area where we were the only tourists.

That was such a memorable and fun trip. Although its a little stressful getting everything organised at such last minute, it is exciting, and I'm really looking forward to going back.

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Michelle MacWhirter said...

I imagine that it would be an odd feeling to be a tourist in your birth country. A mixed bag of emotions. I look forward to seeing pictures (and videos!).

P.S I have some pants and a long sleeved t-shirt for Kien. The shirt is a size 3 but very slim fitting, Thomas is too porky for it. The pants have adjustable waists, yay for adjustable! They are the kind where you can fold up the bottoms and have a button so they go from pants to longish shorts. I can send them to Grandma Guns place for you, if you don't like them just give them away.


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