Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bali Emerald Villa in Sanur

We arrived late last night to Denpasar and queued for what seemed like an eternity through imigration. But once the whole airport experience was over (approx 2 hours of it at 2am NZ time) we were taken by our driver to the Bali Emerald Villa in Sanur. As soon as we got here and put Kien to bed we washed away all of the badness by going for a swim.

So here we are at our beautiful one bedroom villa. This morning we got up at 6am local time and went for a swim.

It's such a hard life being Kien. He has to hold his own toast while lying on the lounger next to the pool.

Breakfast and a bit of catching up on the interwebs this morning, and then we'll head out to check out the sights of Sanur.

I really do feel like we are in paradise right about now.


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