Monday, October 13, 2014

Pura Luhur Uluwatu and Jimbaran

We had a relatively early day (if midday constitutes as early) on Tuesday when we went looking for a driver.

Walking down the road from our villa.

It took us way over an hour (and lets not talk about walking in the heat and bright sunshine) - where were the people accosting us for taxi van services when we needed them?! After we finally found a driver with a van and negotiated the price for his services we were off.

Built in the 11th century, the temple is set high on the cliff overlooking the indian ocean on a large limestone peninsula. One has to be properly attired for entrance, so they provided sarongs or sashes to anyone without.

The temple is inhabited by a large number of monkeys. They (as warned by our driver) are extremely adept at snatching visitors' belonging; bags, cameras, glasses, jewellery - or anything that is shiny, actually. Besides a couple of aggressive ones, most of the monkeys were just chilling out and eating their fruit in the shade. I'm guessing the fruit comes from the do-gooder tourists who think its cute to feed the monkeys - but it has become an issue because it encourages the monkeys to steal.

After a little walk up the hill we got to a clearing, and a local family selling all manner of things under the only shelter had a captive audience.

The view of the coast and the large blue walls of water violently crashing onto the rocks was a splendid sight.

There were these strange little asian girls doing poses for the camera at practically evert step they took. They lay on the ground and kicked in the air and etc - it was hilarious watching them.

Back down the hill we headed up the steps to the temple.

Lennox making a good impression of Spider Man.


We stopped at Jimbaran for a very late lunch. This is a fishing village with a beautiful white sandy beach and amazing predictable waves. We went to the New Moon Cafe.

After lunch the kids played on the beach. Kien climbed into that boat and "fixed" it for almost an hour. The people putting up those decorations took a heck of a lot longer.

Our adventures continue...


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