Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Holiday bliss

Being on holiday is like one very long day that blends into another and its very hard to tell which day is what at any given point in time. I feel like I have been here forever and yet only got here yesterday, and the jetlag has affected me in a big way; 4am Bali time is when the roosters are crowing, (mind you they crow at all hours) and my body clock is telling me to get up and start moving, and I'm forcing myself to stay in bed and try to get one more sleep cycle, please! Anyway, wow whee, I'm complaining about having jetlag whilst on holiday - could I be any more obnoxious?

Okay, so here are a few holiday snaps then. I must say, this is the holiday where I've taken the least amount of photos. Everything feels the same and yet different, so I've not felt the need to pull out (any of) the cameras.

So after spending 1 night at the 1 bedroom villa we were moved to the 4 bedroom villa which I had booked for 2 nights for when my friend Lynette and her 2 boys arrived on Friday. The management team just wanted to move us early so we could be all settled in (but also because they were fully booked and I guess needed our 1 bedroom suite). Hey, no skin off our nose - this place was exactly the same as the last place only x2, and Kien loved this outdoor shower even more so than the last.

We had a nice maid who adored the children, and on the last day we were there (Sunday) we wanted to take pics of all the kids with her, but do you think Kien would oblige? Yeah, no, here she is with Lynette's kids instead.

On Sunday we moved to the Rumah Colonial villa, where we will stay for the remainder of our holiday.

That night we went out to a local BBQ joint and had a great meal. I made sure mine constained grilled lobster since I have been craving it for days prior.

On Sunday my friends Nikki and Andre with their two boys were also in Bali, and on Monday we caught up and had dinner on the beach at their resort.

Beautiful BBQ on the beach, with an awesome band.


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