Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rainy days and Tuesdays

We are once again going through another bout of teething - these are his 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th ones...all on the bottom row. Jef thinks he has spotted some more tonight - top incisors *groan*. No wonder my little guy is so unsettled. They are giving him a fair bit of grief despite pain medication and copious amounts of chamomilla.

So yesterday was a mixed bag of laughter and tears; when he cries you want to hold him tight and kiss away his tears, and when he laughs it feels like the sun has come out and has dried up all the rain.

We had been to Wriggle and Rhyme at the Parnell library in the morning. He was very subdued and did not want to participate, staying on my knees or in my arms the entire session. Even the Hokey Cokey didn't get a laugh out of him.

He had an unsettled nap and woke up crying. Through the sobs I asked him if he wanted to eat some raisins and he didn't shake his head (which usually means he doesn't object to what has been offered).

He sat on the coffee table and giggled as he pried at the raisins in the box.

Some ended up in his mouth (and chewed/swallowed), while others were scattered here-there-and everywhere, and yet he still had a few left over to tip into his Mega-blocks cart.

Needless to say if anyone comes to our place you will no doubt step on/sit on or will be handed used and mangy looking raisins by little hands belonging to someone that expects a "ta" and will proudly wait for you to gobble up the goodies he has provided.

In the afternoon we went and visited my aunty Le at her house in St Lukes. Kien charged around the place and had a great time being wheeled around on her walker. Both my aunts chanced Kien around with a spoon to try and get him to eat. He teased them with his aloofness...he just loves all the attention of being chased!

Every night Kien has a bath before bed.

This was him telling me he has had enough.


Michelle MacWhirter said...

My heart broke looking at the crying pictures, he just looks so miserable.

The bath picture is cute, I like how you snapped it just in time to avoid full frontal nudity, haha!

Fantastic blog entry as per usual. You should look into writing a book, you're very good at writing.

Lien H said...

Thanks. I'm enjoying writing this blog and piecing all the pics and vids together. It keeps me out of mischief. However if I do write a book I'm afraid the only person who will be interested in purchasing one will be jef (as a present for me, of course).

Poor Kien! He has been so miserable - those darn teeth!


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