Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy little people

...makes happy big people! This weekend Kien has somewhat gone back to his old cheerful self with lots of laughter and joviality demonstrated. We are still having some wicked nights i.e. last night where he woke at 1am, 4am and by 5:45am he wasn't going back to sleep for anything. It's been a rough month!

His talking and communication skills are coming along quite nicely. He says "naana" for banana, "milk" (as well as signing for it), "more", "yummy", and "chee cha" for either raisin or cracker (and his sign for both of these items are the same - at least he is consistent). He also does the sleep sign and says something that sounds like "sleep time", as well as a whole lot of mimicking the sounds we make and words we say. Over the last few days he has also started signing for water and attempts to say the word. Most of the time though he just points and makes thatnoise - the unmistakable noise anyone who has been around small children (trying to tell an adult what they want) knows the sound of. And when we don't understand, it gets louder.

Yesterday we had a visit from Michelle and Thomas. It's lovely to have visitors, especially of the cute variety.

I grew up without any cousins at all, let alone cousins my age - so I think it is wonderful Kien and Thomas will grow up playing together (or not) at family gatherings. Jef can tell wonderful stories full of enchantment and adventures with his cousins when they holidayed together. I am envious.

Kien, was mostly gentle with Thomas. He is still learning about gentle hands/touch--the word "gentle" gets used a lot around here, and at daycare.

Adorable! Thomas and Kien held hands.

I'm sure his mother would admit that Thomas has a cute little pout, and he demonstrated this to us a few times. It makes you want to go "awwww" when you see it.


But most of the time he was just laid back and content.

Just chillin' out


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