Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Out and about

The day started at 5:45am with Kien screeching and refusing to go back to sleep. Jef needed to get to work early so by 7:00am I was alone in the apartment with a child that points at something but is not satisfied with anything that is offered within the radius to which he is pointing. This guessing game got old pretty quickly so I decided to take him out to preserve my sanity, and ears.

We got to the Parnell library on time for Wriggle & Rhyme only to find out it's the school holidays (I'm not that observant of these compulsary interludes) and W&R sessions are suspended.

"I'm not impressed, Mummy!"

So we went to the next best place - the Winter gardens. I love this place; my friends and I used to wag class in 7th form and go there all the time (and the museum).

And of course the ever present box of raisins.

He exhibited the same clinging, whining, pointing and general dislike of everything Mummy does disposition post midday (too short) nap. Therefore we got out of the house again.

So as a change to our normal rendezvous with the playground down the road I took him Coyle Park instead.

I am always so glad that Kien is not phased by other kids pushing him around - he pushes them right back so that he can have a turn!

He had a great time banging on the musical keys.

Thank-you, my darling!


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