Saturday, November 12, 2011

Art at our park in the dark

Our park, at the end of our road, was the place to be tonight. It was home to Art in the Dark, and I was willing to have Kien stay up a little later to attend. But alas, he was grumpy and needed to go to bed, so he missed out this year. Jef stayed home to do the sitting duties, and at 10pm I meandered through the park.

Our playground was transformed with strategically placed lights and balloons, and "movies" were projected onto the double slides - interesting effects.

The Rainbow Laser was awesome.

Then there was this bizarre dance called "Fighting Kitten Friends" (I think).

They were good dancers, bopping to some drum and base. Then they got inside the "game" and started fighting objects. I sat there entranced for a while, then moved on up the park toward Ponsonby Rd end.

I like lights, so any exhibition with lights are pretty cool as far as I'm concerned. Doesn't this look pretty?

There was also a miniature display made out of clear plastic called "A Small Act", and at the central area was a QR code with tiny little instructions to use your smartphone to get the message via a QR Code reader app. Interesting concept - so I did. It took me here.

Then on the path around the side there was this an interactive exhibition whereby you take a plastic thing and lie down in the tent and watch the dancing lights. So I did it, and I couldn't interpret what the hell I was supposed to be looking at. The colours dancing on the sheets were pretty - was that it?

I actually asked people who where lying next to me if they got it, and they didn't - so I'm not alone!

It was a fun hour, and as I headed home it started to rain. Somehow that made me feel like that added to the experience.

I told Jef to go, but he's too busy reverse engineering an iPad app to care about going and seeing some trippy arty stuff.

Next year baba will love it!


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