Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bright lights, small city

Little old NZ has one street that makes the news headlines every single year - Franklin Road. So of course we have to walk it every single year to admire the (more than likely peer pressured and obligatory) residential (mostly) properties adorned with Christmas lights. It happens that we live just down the road from this famous street, and so a couple of weekends ago we had the family over for dinner before braving the wind and rain to see some lights. Luckily when we set out it had stopped raining.

What an amazing effort people go through. We were all thoroughly impressed with the car!

It was pretty late (maybe 20:40ish) but Kien was still happy and full of cheer. Last year we actually woke him up and took him out especially to see the lights - I know!

If it wasn't raining I'm sure there would have been carollers out there as in previous years. I've been meaning to go up there again but with all the rain this last week I'm pretty sure everyone stayed inside too.


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