Sunday, December 11, 2011

I want, I want

Sometimes I catch myself staring at my child for a really long time, and when he realises I'm looking at him he could flash me the most amazing smile, or he might continue with what he is doing without any acknowledgement. This is usually the case.

At almost two years old he uses 5 word sentence structures often. I love when he says "I want Mummy do it".♥♥♥

Yesterday I put him into his cot for his midday nap, and he insisted on lying on the floor (he's been wanting this quite a lot lately). So I made a little sleep area on the floor and left him to it. 5 minutes later I hear "I want get in bed" said over and over, and when I opened the door he had his khoala under one arm and was pointing up at his cot repeating "I want get in bed". I placed him into his cot and he rolled over, cuddled his beloved khoala and fell asleep immediately.

We think his two year molars might be coming through. It has been rough! High temperatures, irritability, zero appetite, constantly waking up throughout the night, and last Friday off from daycare. Jef had the honour this time - I was on a training course. Kien needed lots of cuddles that day, and good thing he had his most favourite person in the world to provide them. I'm looking forward to when Kien is well again and we can spend more family time outside.

The week gone has been relatively quiet as I try to find the motivation at work. Coming back from our mini break, with Xmas holidays just around the corner, and my new replacement person trying to pick up all of my work during this handover period I am struggling to find anything interesting to sink my teeth into before the year is out. I'll go back to my regular job in the new year, and I'm looking forward to working on projects again.

In the meantime we've got a tree to buy and decorate this morning, some lights to see on Franklin Rd tonight, a bFM Xmas party rock 'n roll extravaganza lined up for Friday, and a birthday celebration on 29th Dec marking TWO years! So I just need to kick back, chill out and enjoy the quietness now.

Pics taken a couple of weeks back when we were at Brown St Reserve for a picnic dinner, and at one of the beaches on Marine Parade that I stubbled upon whilst going for a walk with Kien in the buggy.


Mrs D said...

Hey, just stumbled across your blog! Great pictures. My two year old sounds a lot like yours. Busy busy busy...! Have a great Christmas xxx

Lien - all new adventures said...

Thanks, and we definatly have our hands full with all that running around he does :-)


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