Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Horray for good times!

I never thought I could possibly love another human being as I love this little guy.

I realise all parents feel this way - it is inevitable; instinctual and evolutionary - and I am glad of this fact, because if you knew me before I had Kien you would probably realise I couldn't look after another thing to save myself. The last pet I had was an axolotl, and he/she came to its demise due to my forgetting of its existence! How, you ask? I know, I ask it of myself all the time! But perhaps the answer lay somewhere between my selfishness and my difficulty with just looking after myself. Time plus a child by the name of Kien has changed my ways.

I love taking him to the beach as the sun is setting. It is such a magical time of day, and Kien loves playing in the sand.

We quite often purchase dinner from our local whatever-type-of-takeaway-we-fancy as we are spoilt for choice on Ponsonby Road, and we head off to whichever-beach-we-fancy as we are spoilt for choice with all the Auckland beaches (and we love our Herne Bay beaches that are so close to home).

We were here at (actual) Herne Bay Beach on the eve of Christmas eve.

We hadn't even checked the tides, and luckily it was high.

I love loving life, and I am glad that I do (because I distinctly remember when I didn't). So this post is a celebration of feeling good about the good times.

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Hazel from Hazel Loves Design said...

What a joyous post at a joyous time of the year! I understand what you mean about loving another human being so completely, I once scoffed about the parents who said this, but now, a parent myself, I completely 'get' it! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas. I know I did!

:) Hazel


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