Friday, December 30, 2011

2. Yes, TWO!

We lay on the floor in his room; a teddy bear duvet between us and the floorboards, a stuffed khoala seperating my body and his, brown noise lightly sounding out on the ghetto blaster behind me, and his languid breath kissing my cheek with each exhale. I savoured this moment, briefly, and as I got up to leave he started to cry, again. So I lay beside him again, hummed some favourite tunes in his ear, and stroked his soft hair. He isn't well tonight, and I knew he was uncomfortable. He said "ouch" and "sore" a few times, and all I could do was to tell him I loved him. It will be another touch overnighter, but that's OK, because it's part of the deal.

My baby boy turned two yesterday. It is so cliched for me to say where did the time go? so I won't. Even though I have found the sleep deprivation and the eating situation a little (to say the least) trying these last two years, I have enjoyed my motherhood adventures thus far.

Since the rain has decided to grace us with its presence we didn't hold our plans for going north. Instead I arranged a last minute afternoon tea held at the apartment for his second birthday celebrations.

I didn't even have a cake, so instead opted for my trusty tried and true banana and blueberry muffins (with hidden vegetables) as an alternative (M, your cake would have been greatly appreciated and gone down a treat!). We all helped Kien blow out his candle.

He really enjoys having the song "Happy Birthday" being sung, and I'm pretty sure they sing it a lot at his daycare. He doesn't quite understand what it means yet.

I love watching the relationship between these two unfold.

He still enjoys playing his beat up drum that we've repaired with duct tape, MacGyver style. This was his present from Aunty Sandra last birthday.


On Boxing day we had an early birthday/late Xmas celebration with my folks. Some snaps of the day:

Lucky boy being treated to lots of gifts.

My younger sister baked him a dairy-free birthday cake, and the adults were treated to a couple of magnums of Champayne.

Kien ran around the garden kicking balls and playing with the aeroplane/glider Jef made for him.

He was given a "Potato Head" toy, and it came with some plastic spectacles - which Kien thought he could also wear. His Granddad helped him with that one.


What a whirlwind - two years! Where did the time go?


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