Sunday, December 18, 2011

Daycare party

I didn't make it last year to Kien's daycare party, so I made an extra effort to make sure I attended last Friday. It was a dress-up affair, so I put him into an army outfit I found in the wardrobe (someone must have given it to us once upon a time, I can't think of why though, but I was thankful to have a dress-up outfit none the less). He looked so adorable with his little tie and braces.

He didn't see me when I showed up at 10:30am, and I found him playing merily by himself at the table.

There was a puppet show followed by a shared lunch, and it was so much fun watching all the kids participating and enjoying themselves.

Kien had a very short attention span for the show, so to keep him amused we played with the camera. What can I say, the boy loves looking at himself, and I would show him after every photo taken. It keeped him entertained for almost 10 minutes.

I couldn't stay for long because I had a work function to go to. I made the mistake of telling Kien I had to leave, and he started to cry. So I hung around another 5 minutes and had to sneak out. I don't know why I felt a little guilty doing that?


Michelle MacWhirter said...

You've got the most beautiful teeth. And Kien is as cute as ever - do we get to see a full length shot of him in his costume?

Lien - all new adventures said...

I was in such a rush I didn't manage to get a full length picture - I know, slack ay? But of course I'll dress him up again for a photo shoot, or maybe just to go out. Hey, maybe for Xmas? I'm not sure what Jef will say about that though :-)


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