Saturday, August 4, 2012

Island hopping

You'd think that already being on a beautiful island will suffice, but no. We are in the Cook Islands after all, and therefore we had to do a bit of inter island hopping whilst here. 

On a perfect Monday morning it was a party of eight on a long narrow boat heading out of the lagoon into the deep blue ocean. 

Our first mission was to spot and swim with turtles. 

When we spotted one we'd ease out of the boat and slowly snorkel up to it. Do you see me out there looking for a turtle?

We actually spotted three in total, and Jef chased one with a camera. I know it is hazy, but you can just see it through the turquoise.

We then went to a lovely spot just out from the reef. There we had some serious snorkeling action; moving in and out with the waves while watching the fish do the same. 

It is so satisfying to have such a wonderful underwater experience, mask lines and all. Now I remember why I loved scuba diving.

Mathias then anchored at a remote island called Maina.

What can I say - this place is ridiculously perfect.

Rediculous is also when you discover Red Tail (?) chicks nesting at your picnic area.

Kien found himself a play mate - Roko, son of Mathias' assistant, Nga.

Mathias prepared an amazing lunch for us; BBQ Tuna steaks, taro leaves in coconut cream, boiled taro, potato salad, papaya salad, and a tossed green salad. We washed our food down with fresh coconut juice. 

After our feast Mathias and Nga cleared up while we went for a walk around the island.

We cooled off in the bath when it was too hot.

We found Kien and Roko playing in the rock pool on our return.

Our next stop was Honeymoon Island. They dropped us off on one side of the island and took the boat around to the other side to pick us up.

Who couldn't fall in love here? With perfect white sand and crystal waters stretching out into the turquoise sea it is like a place straight out of the movies.

We did our last bit of snorkeling at an amazing spot where the sand bank drops away sharply into the deep.

I took Kien for a swim here, first where he could touch the bottom, then we made our way out to the blue part.

He was so brave.

Then I went and did some skin diving. It was so beautiful and clear, like we were diving in an aquarium. It was completely surreal.

We came back exhausted and happy. The entire day was like a dream. 

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LatteJunkie said...

Absolutely beautiful and I am very envious!!!


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