Thursday, August 9, 2012

Remaining few days on the island

When you are on holiday every experience is considered eventful. So it seems we experienced a fair few events during our remaining days away. 

We had another meal at Puffy's Bar and Grill - a little place on the beach just down the road from Matriki Beach Huts, where we were staying. 

We enjoyed our cold beers as we watched the lovely (and quick) sunset while we waited for our fish, chips and salad. 


When we are not lazing around on the beach we are exploring the island on the scooter. 

If we are riding around at about lunchtime Kien would fall asleep sandwiched between us. We stop and let him nap while one of us holds him.

This particular occasion I had packed us a picnic, and we went to the other side of the island that looks toward Maina and Honeymoon island. Jef got us a coconut and we enjoyed nice fresh juice, and then Jef split it apart so I could eat the lovely young jelly like flesh.

A bit further down the dirt road we came across hundreds of the interesting looking crabs. I love how they look like they can do some damage with their one big pincer, but instead they scuttle away or burrow into the sand if you try to get close.

Speaking of crabs, we came across a big land crab at the huts one evening.

Then there was the crab we found in our shower.

There are lots of hermit crabs in the sand. At first Kien was really scared of them, but then he was curious enough to pick them up. He enjoyed hunting for them on the beach.


We were fortunate to meet really lovely people staying at the huts. Marcelo and Lori - Italians living in Wellington, Leo and Gabby - an Uruguayan couple living in Arazona, and Kirsten and Greg - British and Kiwi living in Christchurch. On Wednesday night Kirsten and Greg stayed at the huts for a BBQ while the rest of us went to Cafe Tapuna.

The food was amazing - beautifully presented and top notch in taste.

The restaurant was located inland, so it was a scooter convoy in the dark back to the beach, where a campfire was waiting for us.

We sat around, feeding the fire and shooting the breeze.

One of the cool things about traveling the world is that you meet such nice, interesting people, and for a brief moment in time it is like you are sharing the same cake of experiences, each taking away a slice.

Kien was very lucky to have so many people to chat and play with. On Thursday he sat with Greg and had a conversation for a really long time as Kirsten practiced her new found coconut palm leaves weaving skills.

While I was out snorkelling on Friday Kien made sand castles and played with Gabby.

I love that people can be so nice to my child.

I was out looking for a giant clam, and I finally found the amazing creature. It was the second time I had gone searching for it - the first time I swam all the way out to the reef.


Island night at the resort next door was pretty cool. It was so popular we couldn't book in for dinner, but we were welcome to watch the show. As it was late when it started Jef graciously looked after Kien while I went to see the show, which I enjoyed immensely.

For a conservative nation of extremely religious church-goers I find the provocative dancing to be a paradox. Those lovely ladies sure know how to shake their booty!


You know what else was an event? Cutting open a giant paw paw. This wasn't even the biggest one in the box at the store!


Finding a place where they actually offer local beer was difficult. We did find them served at Koru Cafe.

This was also the place where Kien lost the scooter key, and we had many of the patrons hunting for them. No, we didn't find them.

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Anonymous said...

Impressive crab population, they look so cool. Grr keys. That's happened to me back in the day when I didn't have a car key hidden underneath it. Gorgeous little man with the flower on his ear :)


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