Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sunday fun day

What a weekend we had - all crammed into a single Sunday because Saturday was a bit of a write-of; just a cleaning/lazing/exercising day. Jef ran an impressive 18km on Saturday morning in preparation for the Auckland marathon. I ran a not so impressive 10km when he returned, in preparation for...nothing. I just wish I found exercising easy! But if it was I guess it would resemble eating, or copious alcohol consumption - two activities I am way too accustomed to and enamoured with. Hey, I am in the process of rectifying...

So Sunday was our family day, and our first stop was a walk along the rocks between Takapuna and Milford.

Such a fun and interesting walk for the little one.

We came across this stone chair/thrown along the path. Such an awesome structure against the stone wall facing out to the sea.

Kien loved getting into the rock pools looking for creatures...

...and just generally running and splashing around exploring.

Gosh, it was lovely out on the rocks.

Despite our best efforts to remind him not to get too wet by going too deep or sitting in the pools he couldn't help but get himself completely soaked.

Kien picked flowers on the route back to the car.


We then headed home for some lunch before heading out again with our brand new fishing rods for a comfortable spot sheltered from the wind, which by now had picked up considerably. We first went to the wharf at the Tank Farm, but we weren't sure if we could fish there. So we went to Ponsonby Wharf on Wairangi Street in Herne Bay, but when we got there it was windy and cold. So we decided to drive to Birkenhead Wharf where it was more sheltered. But when we arrived there the security guard said there was no longer any fishing allowed there (that's so disappointing). So we went to Fisherman's Wharf in Northcote. Yes, the long list of "do nots" did not include fishing.

Nice little spot, although we didn't catch a thing.


We went home and did some deck grilling.

It was an experiment a week ago that went considerably well, and it means we can enjoy some chargrilled meat easily, hassle free.

I also did some FaceTime with my friend in the US for a few hours.

If you didn't know by now I LOVE TECHNOLOGY.


Lynette said...

silly billy! that was so much fun. it was as if you guys were right here =) i enjoy the gouda more now that i have people to "share" it with.

Anonymous said...

I want to go there just for that chair. Getting my rhyme on. I didn't know about the no fishing! We haven't caught anything in Auckland for a while, we have better luck when we're at my parents. Love the deck grilling, I hope you had some marshmallows :P


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