Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day One

I heard the fireworks going off last night marking the start of a new year - perhaps the last year as far as the Mayans were concerned. I also endured the wave of honking horns that followed the loud booms from the Sky Tower. I turned my contorted body over, half on the small foam mattress, the other half sprawled across the wooden floor of Kien's bedroom. In my semi-unconcious state I wanted to leap up and do something, like write a blog post, but then the stirring child beside me was a reminder that sleep was a precious commodity to be cherrished. I could hear Jef's long and drawn out breaths from the other side of the single sized mattress. We had decided earlier in the evening to be each other's support as we ride out the Chicken Pox storm that has disturbed Kien's state of well being, and ours. Multiple uncomfortable nights of fitful sleeplessness.

At maybe 4am Kien asked for milk and Jef took care of it. He then crashed out on our bed.

6am and Kien stumbled around the apartment looking for his daddy. I was so exhausted I hardly noticed the shrill shrieking going on in the lounge.

I slept until 9am.

So what can I say, day number one of 2012 has been, well, kinda memorable. I had to take him out for a walk in the afternoon to take our minds of things.

He insisted it be in the sling (although he did say "buggy" too, but when I folded the sling to put away he was about ready to have a total meltdown). When I took this photo he was actually really excited and kept on saying "smile".

We walked along Ponsonby Rd and meandered around the interesting surrounding back streets, and he noticed a bee flying around having a field day in a patch of Hydrangeas. You wouldn't believe the excitement! "Bee. It's a bee!" he says delightfully from back there in my sling. We went over and observed it for a while, and all the way home he kept asking for bees. We got home and when Jef opened the door I said to Kien "tell Daddy what you saw when we were out", and he said excitedly to his dad, "I saw a bee!".

Who would have thought that those 4 little words would make day one so special when sentimentality isn't my speciality.

I don't have NY's resolutions, but I do have intensions. I think I need to keep them bubbling over in my head for the time being until I can actually wear them in properly.


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