Wednesday, March 28, 2012

At the duck pond

The lack of blog entries this past week would explain my pre-occupation with other stuff that is going on at the moment - all good stuff, like music, my guitar, researching wide angle camera lenses, techniques, creating photo books - that sort of stuff. I kind of feel like a woman on a mission of inspiration, a kid in a candy store with all my senses hightened. I haven't been this excited about my various hobbies in a long time, and it is a superb feeling (although exhausting since I sleep less as a result of wanting to achieve so much in a day). I had to decline a job with Plunket Head Office who contacted me last week asking if I would consider being their events photographer for all regional car seat checking appearances. I contemplated the proposal for a couple of days, but in the end my decision came down my available time with Jef and Kien (and whatever left over for myself).

On Sunday afternoon I took Kien to the pond at Western Springs.

It was a gorgeous Autumn day despite the wind.

Kien had a great time as he watched the ducks and the swans paddling around.


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