Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our weekend jaunt

Being cooped up in the house can drive Kien spare, and so this weekend I wanted to make sure we were enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. Even a stroll up the road through Ponsonby was considered a fun outing!

The Child Cancer Foundation Research collectors were out in full force along Ponsonby Rd, and they appreciated our generosity (I read about Lea and her family and feel compelled) by giving Kien plenty of stickers which delighted him immensely.

Whenever we go in the stroller now he will only stay seated for so long, especially when there are acorns to chase. He would throw the acorn, then chase it bouncing down the footpath, and pick it up and throw it again. He picked this particular acorn up from the top of Franklin Road.

He rolled it all the way to Three Lamps and then put it into his pocket for safe keeping. By the way, we have a small container of acorns he has collected and brought home.

He likes to make friends with all the animals he sees on the way. I didn't get a picture of the cat that he was very interested in at the park outside the library where we stopped for lunch.

At the duck pond - continued.

I was in the middle of writing my previous post during lunch time before being distracted by meetings, and when I was getting ready to go home I accidentally hit "Publish Post" instead of "Save". So here's the rest of the post.

There was a giant chicken running around the park area near the playground, and Kien tried desperately to make friends with it. One of the ladies at his daycare own chickens and bring them in once a week, so he is familiar with petting chickens.

He tried the stealth approach, and when that didn't work he just launched into full blown chasing.

I brought a few slices of Vogels bread from the fridge for Kien to feed the ducks, but instead he decided it was just too yummy to give up so ate some of the bread instead.

As we walked back to the car through the zoo carpark there was a beautiful patch of Marigolds on the verge. Kien could resist and insisted on playing with the pretty blooms.


LatteJunkie said...


My Monkey makes friends with all the animals too and we have "collections" of seeds all over the place.

One in the car and three in the house... One day a tree is going to start growing.

Lea White said...

What a fun outing! Caitlyn used to collect stones / rocks. Thanks for supporting CCF and linking to my blog :-)


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