Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Summer ain't over yet

It isn't, it isn't, it isn't. Perhaps if I say it enough it may actually be a reality. Well, judging from the amount of people at the beach on Sunday afternoon you'd think we were in the heart of summer.

There was even a beach party going down!

Kien loves the kayak, and as soon as Jef said "shall we go for a paddle?" and Kien was into it and waiting patiently (as patient as a two year old can be).

The end of another variable weekend.

During my walk to work this morning there was evidence of the weather bomb on Saturday.

It was mad at work today. Just really mad, and busy with lots of meetings, lots of testing of software for our go-live next week, as well as a major production fault (hence lots of meetings, and madness). Yawn. Boring work talk. I couldn't wait to get out of there so I could pick Kien up from daycare.

When I get to daycare every day now I get an amazing reception from Kien. He is so happy to see me, comes running up and gives me a big cuddle before skipping off to get his bag. It's the same ritual every day. We get his bag, he wants to do up the buckles, he wants to put the bag on, he runs out of daycare waving at the teachers and says good-bye to anyone left, and he runs off to the playground.

He'll throw the bark around for a bit, climb up the stairs, slide down, throw some more bark around, climb the stairs, slide down etc etc. Then I persuade him to go home to see if his daddy is there. Sometimes Jef will come over and walk home with us. He did so tonight, and then we flew helicopters and had a picnic.

Kien chased sticks that Jef threw for him.

Good night moon. Hey, are those leaves changing colour on the trees or is that just the camera playing tricks on me?

Nope, summer ain't over yet. It's definitely still summer.

Latte Junkie is convinced it's Autumn and even made it the theme for Lyrical Sunday - but I say nay, NAY!

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LatteJunkie said...

I'm not exactly convinced it's Autumn but according to the calendar it is :(

Your post defies the tag of Autumn and I love it!

Your photos are always worth a 1000 words.

Thanks for joining up :D


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