Thursday, March 22, 2012


I see red.

So does he.

When it's like this outside...'s like this inside.

Linking up with the poetry for Lyrical Sunday - yes, I know what day it is today!


Michelle MacWhirter said...

That does look like a very unhappy Kien. Can you go outside anyway? Maybe with gumboots and his own special little umbrella - ooh - or a little rain jacket and hat like Paddington Bear!

It would be so much easier if you had your own house with a big backyard, so he could skip off outside then come back in for a warm bath (hint hint, lots of gorgeous houses where you live).

Thomas doesn't mind the rain or wet ground, but he's too young to care I think. He loves stomping in muddy puddles.

Lea White said...

Oh no, he looks rather unhappy. I would have been unhappy too! Love your post!

Catching the Magic said...

Oh, that's tough :( Hope you get out, rain or shine, for some fun soon. Great photos and pics.


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