Monday, March 19, 2012

We are not stagnant

No truer statement to express my our lives right now! But then again I bet everyone can say the same thing, and it would be relatively true. So what's been going on? Well, let's see...

Firstly, I've been secretly masquerading as a Social Media Coordinator for Ponsonby and Herne Bay Plunket. A couple of my coffee group girls roped me into it, and since I've got so much free time on my hands (I wish!) why not volunteer for the local Plunket committee?!? I have incongruous feelings about this role (which no doubt I'll write about later), but anyway, I'll try it on for size and see how it pans out. Check out the new site I created for them.

On Saturday we went to the Plunket Easter Party held at the Ponsonby community center - the same place where I take Kien for playgroup on Tuesdays. We had 2 big bouncy castles set up outside.

If you haven't guessed by now Kien loves loves loves to bounce.

He wasn't great at sharing the bouncy castle though, and whenever a child would climb in he would tell him/her to get out. He's two, that's what two year olds are like.

We had the Easter Bunny show up, and a lot of the kids were frightened and cried. I asked Kien if he wanted to go and get an egg, and he walked up to it tentatively, then turned around and came back to me and said "I'm scared". Awww, my little talker - I'm so glad he can express himself so clearly.

As I was busy photographing the other kids with the giant bunny Kien managed to unwrap and eat an entire chocolate egg. First time ever that he's eaten that much chocolate. He sat there looking deliriously happy afterwards covered in melted chocolate. Once he was all washed up and clean again he ran around with one of his pals from our coffee group.

It was a fun morning, and Jef was such a good sport for staying for as long as he did and looking after Kien while I did my "volunteer" thing.


On Sunday Kien spent the morning helping his dad fix and build things in the workshop.

Boys just have to be boys!

I was planning on taking Kien to the free Tim Finn concert at Three Kings reserve in the afternoon, but with Kien not napping (again) and the wind picking up and the grey billowing clouds hovering in sky getting ready to burst - well it just didn't seem conducive to a fun picnic in the sun listening to music.

So I decided to go and visit my friend Linda instead. Her son, Flynn, really enjoys Kien's company, and vice versa. They spent the afternoon playing with Legos, bouncing on the trampoline, shooting water guns, crashing toy cars, and chasing each other around - in between dinner and snacks.

Then we chucked them into the bath for a good soaking.

They were in there for such a long time; playing with the toys and splashing each other. They look so sweet in the bath together.


Lea White said...

Don't you just love being "roped in" to do things :-). Lovely photos! Sounds like you and your little man has had lots of fun moments!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! Funny about Kien eating the easter egg. We went to the Tim Finn concert, was good but we left early because it was so cold and people don't take notice of the 'don't smoke in the crowd' announcements.

LatteJunkie said...

I know all about getting roped in to doing things... I somehow ended up on the kindy PTA. Not my best idea yet.

I love your photographs especially the ones of Kien helping in the workshop.

Michelle MacWhirter said...

I can tell you have spent a decent amount of time in the USA :), "legos"! As an avid lego fan, that's like saying sheeps or fishes.

Kien always looks happiest with older kids or adults, he and Flynn look like they get along very well.

I noticed how well Kien talks the other day at Cornwall park, I was very impressed. He can formulate really long sentences now. He explained to me that Thomas was silly, and his reasoning why (got wet from a drinking fountain). He's so clever!


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