Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aeroplanes and helicopters

What magnificent May weather we've been having here in Auckland! Long may it continue. I'm getting my fair share of vitamin D, which makes me happy.

Yesterday we decided to drive to Dairy Flat and check out the North Shore model aero club for some RC flying action.

My little guy couldn't be happier - in the arms of his dad watching model helicopters flying around.

I enjoyed it as well, and when I wasn't in the mood for helicopters or aeroplanes I was playing with my lens on the camera, and rolling around in the grass.

I'm not the only one who takes an interest in flowers, you know.

So then we decided to check out the North Shore Aero Club. Neither Jef nor I have been here before, and we were pleasantly surprised at how busy the airfield was. There was a big sign in the carpark that visitors were welcome to sit on the clubroom balcony and observe all the action.

It was such a great morning/early afternoon being out in the sun watching aeroplanes and helicopters.


Autumn leaves

They are everywhere. It's awesome.

Kien did some more leaves jumping outside in the late afternoon sun.

He also wanted to climb the tree.


Morning ritual

Every morning we have pretty much the same ritual - toddler wakes up, wanders into lounge to find us, crawls into bed with us (we are camped out in the lounge at the moment - I'll elaborate at some point on this situation when I can adequately formulate sentences that won't completely bore you to death), then promptly asks for helicopters on iPad. But sometimes (because he likes to keep us on our toes) he'll ask (that's a polite term for what the reality is) for Mummy's iPad, and then he'll find all sorts of short videos I took of him over the last 28 months. Here he is yesterday morning watching himself using his sign language to ask for stuff back when he was 16 months old.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend wherever you are now.

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Michelle MacWhirter said...

What is the big dial in the first picture? Kien looks just gorgeous in the bottom one.


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