Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My third mother's day - in motion

My third mother's day experience - ever.

For as long as I can remember I've either not acknowledged it or spent the day feeling sorry for myself for not having a mother to celebrate. I never realised how fulfilled I could feel until I became a mother, and how much I would love the experience.

Here's a little movie I put together of my third mother's day.

If you are receiving this post via e-mail please see the movie by clicking here to go online and view, or if all else fails here is the link to it on youtube.

I've yet to sort through the photos I took on Sunday so I'll probably have an addendum.


Michelle MacWhirter said...

I thought it was your 3rd? As it was my second and Kien is almost a year older than Thomas. The first one you went out to lunch with grandma and Rod, the second was last year and you all got together at grandma and Rods. I know as I am an avid stalker of this blog lol!

Gorgeous video, I wasn't able to watch it on youtube though it breached some copyright thing, but it worked on your blog. Kien is so cute and delicate featured, but rough and tumble in nature.

Anonymous said...

I love the movie, so cool seeing Kien in action!

Lien - all new adventures said...

@ Michelle M, oh yes, thanks for reminding me - I can't believe I got my calculations wrong! Righto, then, I'd better go and fix everywhere that says second to say third. That's what happens when a mama is totally sleep deprived!

@ Michelle, hi!, and thanks!

Lynette said...

Great Movie... it is very inspirational =)
it is so wonderful to watch Kien grow... esp since we are so far away =)

Lien - all new adventures said...

@ Lynette, yes indeed we are so far away! I hope you will be making a lot more movies from now on :-)


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