Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catching up over the last two weeks

Kids dinner

It's nice to do catch-ups with kids that have known each other for over half their life span.

A couple of weeks ago we had another awesome kids dinner gathering. I love these; it's just a fun way to accomplish what would ordinarily be a routine/chore on a Friday night.

I'm pretty sure we all appreciate the variation.

I didn't even get a picture of the host, who was busy in the kitchen making pizzas for our kids!


Ponsonby playgroup is always a good place/thing to do on Tuesday mornings. It is nice being able to watch Kien play.

With the help of the Activities Coordinator he made me a card giving me lots of coupons for treats - like 1 bug hug, 1 big kiss, quiet time.

I tried redeeming my "quiet time" coupon numerous times. I'm sorry, but time-out doesn't count. Maybe I have a better chance of redeeming the coupon when he's 13.

Mother's day present(s)

The day before Mother's day we stopped at a store looking for a DVD reader and exited the store with two items, none of which was what we went into the store for.

He liked his Mother's day gift(s).

Please ignore the state of the utility rug. We do.


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